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29 April 2015
Stone Barn Stonework.

20 April 2015
Steel Barn Plinth Wall.

10 April 2015
Stone Barn Blockwork.

17 March 2015
The timber barn gets boarded.

5 March 2015
A slate roof goes on the timber barn.

2 February 2015
A new roof truss and purlins for the timber barn.

23 January 2015
New foundations for the Stone Barn.

7 January 2015
Steel barn foundation plinth and floor base.

19 December 2014
New foundations for the Steel Barn.

15 December 2014
Frameshield and OSB3 on timber barn almost complete.

12 December 2014
90mm CLS Studwork to support first floor.

5 December 2014
Extension roof battened for slates.

3 December 2014
A new roof for the timber barn’s extension.

28 November 2014
Structural improvements to the timber barn.

25 November 2014
Frameshield installed on the North side of the timber barn.

22 November 2014
Starting to fix OSB3 sheet on the North side of the timber barn.

21 November 2014
The stone barn’s gable has gone!.

14 November 2014
The first floor joists have been completed.

13 November 2014
The extension’s rebuilt oak frame has been assembled and oiled.

7 November 2014
The first sections of the rebuilt oak frame for the timber barn’s extension are test fitted today.

6 November 2014
Further dismantling of the stone barn’s east gable wall.

2 November 2014
Installing the shiny frameshield on the timber barn.

22 October 2014
Skinning the Timber Barn with OSB3.

21 October 2014
Stormy weather likely. Making the site safer by dismantling the stone barn’s east gable.

16 October 2014
Repairing the timber barn’s extension.

14 October 2014
Installing the first floor joists.

10 October 2014
Pouring the concrete for the new slab floor.

7 October 2014
Getting the timber barn ready for it’s new concrete slab floor.

6 October 2014
Exposing the timber barn’s oak frame.

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  1. Wow Vince – what a difference! Great work, can’t wait to see it in the summer 🙂

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